Meet Dr. Michelle Van Tonder

Dr. Michelle is the founder and owner of Women’s WealthCare and Now2NextLeadership. She holds a Phd in leadership and management and is known as the “Bitcoin Guru”. She is married with 4 amazing  married children and 10 adorable grandchildren. 

My Story…

I am the Founder of WomenWealthCare and I have affectionately become known as the ‘Bitcoin Gu-Ru’. I am also the Founder of Now2NextLeadership which Empowers, Directs and Grows Entrepreneurs to give them the EDGE. Most importantly. I am married, with 4 married children and I proudly boast with 10 grandchildren. I also hold a PHD in Leadership and Management.

My husband, Anthony, got shot in 2007 and we nearly lost him. Thanks to the grace of God and answered prayers, he survived. At that point I realized that if he had died, I only had access to one credit card in my name and it had only a credit available of R6000. ($485). Due to our lack of Financial Education, we had not protected ourselves against incidents like this. The rude awakening for me was that I would have to down scale in a huge way.

And then…

This stared my journey to search for things I could do as a woman to bring more than my share into our financial portfolio. I am now more than financially free, all debt is paid and the money coming in monthly (daily) comes in whether I work or not. This is the reason why I have a passion to educate women on how to generate additional monthly income, to buy that dress, pay for the things the children and grand children would like, go on that holiday and to look at long term pension residual income.

I educate on the following topics: Crypto Currencies, Buying Gold Offshore, Growing a Property Portfolio, Trading, and the importance of having your assets in trusts to protect your family wealth and how to use trusts off shore to legally use the Tax benefits allowed within the South African Laws. I educate from the stand point of having set myself financially free and am willing to be very open and show my portfolio.

I look forward to sharing my insights with you and as many women as I can, and if I inspire you in any way I can, my life will be fulfilled.

Change your Money Mind$et
Dr. Michelle

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