Why the Women’s WealthCare Money Challenge


The WWC Money Challenge is back and better than ever. After a successful 2018 run, the WWC Money Tribe, a community of goal-setting women who accepted the challenge to invest in their money and lifestyle goals, is ready to take on a new money challenge.

We are shifting mindsets while tackling debt, saving money, and replacing bad money habits with smart money moves, like safe secure investments and starting a business.

Beginning on Friday 4th January 2019, weekly progress check-ins will open up every Saturday from 7am (GMT+2) and will stay open until Sunday at midnight in Women’s Wealth Care Facebook group and on the Women’s WealthCare Instagram account.

During that time, WWC Money Tribe members are expected to invest in their goals by participating in weekly progress updates, money chats, and mini-challenges with the best accountability partners out there…other women with money-saving goals. Often women are left to fend for themselves with regards to money matters. This is why a community for women to discuss personal finance without shame or embarrassment is important.

Last year, WWC Money Tribe leader, Dr Michelle (Doc Mom) and her hubby, Doc Ant, used the WWC Money Challenge to save money for an amazing weeks holiday in Langkawi! (5 Star Style) – Saving over $6500 plus bought her sister a car cash!

Other tribe members, like Caroline from Witbank, shared a $2450 debt payoff and Angela from Newcastle saved enough money for a 3-week holiday to Mauritius. Juanita from Johannesburg made $1600 in a safe secure investment which has grown by 12% in 12 months! Petunia started a business for $600 and had a return of $5600!

Regardless of whether you are joining the challenge to pay off debt, save for the future, or save for something specific like a house, wedding, investing opportunities, starting a business or holiday, the WWC Money Challenge is for you!

Enter your details into the form below and learn how to join the WWC Tribe and find out how it works. http://bit.ly/WWCMC19